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Upgrade Your Camping Game with Soaring Eagle Campers

Soaring Eagle Campers' use of tubularaluminum construction provides maximum strength & longevity, making our campers more durable and long-lasting compared to wood-constructed units.

No Wood, No Rust - All Aluminum

Soaring Eagle Campers starts with solid structural aluminum tubes which are welded together to form the individual components of the coach (i.e. the floor; sidewalls; endways; and roof). We then screw and bolt these individual parts together to form the shape of the coach, which is then welded together to form a complete UNI-BODY structure that is designed to hold firm and stand the test of time. There will no wood members shaking or vibrating apart. There will be do delimitation on the sidewalls due to the fact that we use a composite backing on our fiberglass, not luan wood which will swell and deteriorate over time. Soaring Eagle Campers are built to highest quality standards available.The entire coach is insulated and covered with either one piece fiberglass (ADLARS) or a combination of fiberglass and metal (OV-X models). The dinettes in the ADLAR series are crafted from composite materials, not wood, which makes them stronger, lighter and longer lasting. We use this same composite materials to craft the headboard and electrical centers in our OV-X campers. The interior of the ADLAR product is lines with composite backed decorative wall board, while the interior of the OV-X models are covered with a suggest composite board.

It is not cheap to build our campers out of welded tubular all-aluminum instead of wood.
It is not cheap to fully insulate every area of our campers with thick block foam insulation.
It is not cheap to use one-piece, seamless fiberglass on our roofs and ceilings.
It is not cheap to use adel backing on our fiberglass panels instead of luan wood.
It is not cheap to craft our dinettes, headboards and other components out of composites instead of wood.
It is not cheap to provide ratchet style, self-retracting tie downs instead of just D-rings.
We could take the cheap routeā€¦ but then it would NOT be a Soaring Eagle Camper!

Built for Longevity and Strength

Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Truck Campers

Besides providing superior strength and longevity, SOARING EAGLE CAMPERS all-aluminum constructed units are so lightweight that your truck will handle them with ease. Our campers are so light that drivers report barely realizing they are carrying one in the back of their truck while driving.

Experience Comfortable Living in the Spacious and Durable Interiors

Come See For Yourself

We encourage you to visit the Soaring Eagle Campers production facility where you will not hear the familiar pop, pop, pop-pop to a lot of entry level RV companies - the sound of staple guns shooting nails into wood studs - but rather you will find skilled welders crafting one of the best-built entry level campers on the market.

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Soaring Eagle Campers offers ultra-lightweight, all-aluminum built truck campers with spacious interiors and unmatched durability for any adventure.


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